Unity MacLean

Unity MacLean (née Robins, born 1948) is a former CBS Records publicist, and office manager at Swan Song Records. Born in England in 1948, she is the youngest child of cricketer Walter Robins and sister of former cricketer and insurance executive, Charles Robins.

After moving to London at the age of 17, MacLean began working at various British record labels before settling at CBS Records in the early 1970's. In 1975, via a recommendation from Jeff Beck, she was put in touch with Peter Grant regarding a position at the newly launched Swan Song Records; a label established to release albums by Led Zeppelin, but also home to other popular UK acts including Bad Company, Dave Edmunds, the Pretty Things, and others. While with Swan Song, MacLean grew into the role of office manager, taking over from Carole Brown.

After the death of friend, and Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham in 1980, MacLean was the first to inform former tour manager Richard Cole while he was being held in an Italian prison. With the eventual dissolution of Swan Song, MacLean retired from the music business in 1982 and moved to Plymouth, Massachussetts with her family, establishing a Boston company specializing in British goods in the United States.

MacLean has two children (Luke MacLean and Alexandra MacLean) and one grandchild.

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