The New Yardbirds

The New Yardbirds is a term coined by the media to refer to the 'new' Yardbirds line-up featuring Jimmy Page, and three newcomers - Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, in September 1968. The band themselves referred to the group as the Yardbirds, but circumstances forced a new name, and Page, along with manager Peter Grant chose Led Zeppelin. This occurred after the band returned to the United Kingdom after their lightning Scandinavian tour. It became apparent that band's past halted progress - crowds expected them to play old Yardbirds numbers, the media thought they were a spent force without even seeing or hearing them, and critics thought they were trading on past glories. Page had remember what Keith Moon had said during the 'Beck's Bolero' sessions on their proposed 'supergroup' at that time, 'going over like lead zeppelin', and the name was changed.

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