Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (born 1941) English botanist and author, born in Lancashire, England, UK.

A graduate of London University majoring in natural sciences, Jordan is a specialist in the field of mycology, and has authored over a dozen titles on fungi and mushrooms. He later became a presenter of wildlife programmes for BBC Television in the 1980s. Due to the increasing popularity of hunting edible mushrooms, Jordan founded the Association of British Fungal Groups (ABFG) in 1996, which keeps a database on fungus in the UK. During the 1990s, Jordan's interest focussed to writing non-fiction literature on ancient religions and cults.


  • A Guide to Mushrooms: The Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Northern Hemisphere (1975)
  • A Guide to Wild Plants: The Edible and Poisonous Species of the Northern Hemisphere (1976)
  • Mushroom Magic (1989)
  • Encyclopedia of Gods: Over 2500 Deities of the World (1992)
  • Gods of the Earth (1992)
  • Edible Mushrooms and Other Fungi (1993)
  • Myths of the World: A Thematic Encyclopedia (1993)
  • The Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe (1995)
  • Witches: An Encyclopedia of Paganism and Magic (1996)
  • Cults: Prophecies, Practices and Personalities (1996)
  • Plants of Mystery and Magic: A Photographic Guide (1997)
  • Eastern Wisdom the Philosophies and Rituals of the East (1997)
  • Nostradamus and the New Millennium: A New Guide to the Great Seer's Prophecies (1998)
  • The Green Mantle: An Investigation Into Our Lost Knowledge of Plants (2001)
  • Ceremonies for Life (2001)
  • The Historical Mary: Revealing the Pagan Identity of the Virgin Mother (2002)
  • Buddha: His Life in Images (2003)
  • Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses (2004)
  • In the Name of God: Violence and Destruction in the World's Religions (2006)
  • Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions (2007)
  • The Beauty of Trees (2012)

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