Ice Cream Dreams

'Ice Cream Dreams' is a 1969 song by British rock band Cartoone. The song was composed by Derek Creigan, and recorded at Olympic Studios, London, England, in August 1968. It appeared as the tenth track on Cartoone's eponymous debut album Cartoone, released in February 1969. The track features guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, playing a descending chromatic line, reminiscent of 'Stairway to Heaven'. It was later released as a single in August 1969, in Japan.

Formats and track listings

1969 7" single (Japan: Atlantic DT 1110)

  • A. 'Ice Cream Dreams' (Creigan) 2.47
  • B. 'A Penny for the Sun' (Creigan) 3.06

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