Heart (band)

Heart is one of the most successful female fronted bands in the annals of hard rock. The band, whose sound fused elements of folk-rock and power ballads was heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin.

The band was founded in Seattle in 1974 by sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson as the Army. The Wilson sisters subsequently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia the following year after their manager was drafted into the United States Army, and many of the supporting musicians on the band's early albums were Canadian. As a result, Heart is considered an important band in both Canadian and American music history.

The band has been awarded numerous multi-platinum albums, nine US top ten singles, and worldwide career sales of more than 20 million records.


  • Dreamboat Annie (1976)
  • Magazine (first release: 1977, re-release: 1978)
  • Little Queen (1977)
  • Dog and Butterfly (1978)
  • Bebe le Strange (1980)
  • Private Audition (1982)
  • Passionworks (1983)
  • Heart (1985)
  • Bad Animals (1987)
  • Brigade (1990)
  • Desire Walks On (1993)
  • Heart Presents a Lovemongers' Christmas (2001)
  • Jupiters Darling (2004)
  • Red Velvet Car (2010)
  • Fanatic (2012)
  • Beautiful Broken (2016)

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